The Characters

Finley The Flizbin


Hey, guys! I'm Finley! And I'm a fun, furry friend of the coolest band ever! I hang out in my tree-fort, and I love to use my imagination, especially when I hear stories! I get to go on so many fun adventures! I can't wait for you to join me!

Tim Peters


G'day! I'm the bass player, Tim, for our band. I've always loved music, and lately I've been learning to play the saxophone! I love reading and snowboarding, and someday, I want to take the whole band to my home in New Zealand!

David Smith


Well, hi, there! David, here, and I'm the drummer from our band! Beat-boxing is one of my favorite things to do, along with playing basketball and hackie-sack! I love to help people, especially our little tree-fort dwelling friend!

Charity Burdick


Hey! I'm Charity, and I get to play guitar in our band! My favorite color is purple, and I'm always up for singing a song about Jesus! I really love to be creative with all sorts of things, like making up music and dances!



Hello! I'm the keyboardist for the band! If you haven't already noticed, my favorite color is red! I get so excited to hang out with my best friends! My favorite things to do are cooking, laughing, and picking flowers!