The Message

Charity & Finley

You don't have to be a Christian to notice the shocking lack of honest entertainment for our kids these days, a somewhat functional moral compass would do the trick. Ask an average parent what's wrong, and you won't get much of an answer beyond, shows can be kind of weird sometimes. Or, I don't like the way parents are often portrayed as "the bad guy."

In a recent study conducted by The Nielsen Company, television viewership for children between the ages of 2 and 5 was found to be at an 8 year high, with average consumption at 32 hours per week. At such a critical stage of development, an age when children are building the foundations of what they believe about themselves, and the world around them, who is it that we are letting our kids spend so much time with?

Psychology experts reason that 95% of decisions we make as adults, are based on the beliefs we tucked away by the age of 6! Our core beliefs are formed at a very early age. Unhealthy views of family, identity, and even God can make for weak or unhealthy beliefs and actions carried into adulthood.

The goal of Chicago Street Studio's production of The Flizbins is to affect our world positively by providing quality christian children's entertainment while modeling valuable life lessons based on our identity in Christ, in a fun, upbeat format.